Friday, March 6, 2020

Six dates and a wedding

So remember when I told y’all I was wilding out after my divorce? Well 2015 to 2017 were some really wild but very fun times in my life. This is about to be one of those stories. So a new soldier came into our office right. Little cocky PFC with a cocky group of friends he had. Well y’all know me and my mouth so for the longest me and one of his little friends had a whole cat and mouse thing going. I would tell him how he couldn’t handle me and I’d never let his young ass even sniff my drawers and then he’d tell me he’d wear me out and have me sprung. Now at the time I was ummm keeping company with another man but we were frequently on and off. At this moment we were off or maybe we were on and I just have no fucks but eventually after cat and mouse for weeks the young bull asked me out on a date. So my coworker (his little BFF) swore up and down that he’d smash on the first date and have me sprung. So before we even went on date one I let him know he can’t even come to my house until six dates. So for our first date homie took me to the movies and dinner. Vibe was nice af because we both were kind of the same people. Both cocky, witty, and goofy so the whole night we just playing and laughing. So I’m thinking the night over until my coworker hit him up like why don’t we double date and go to breakfast . Dead ass we went to breakfast the next morning  so dude is like okay this is date two. So I’m like fine because I knew his little cheap broke ass couldn’t make it to six. This was a time in my life where I was very high maintenance and very shallow. For me to even be entertaining him was shocking.  Anyways we go to breakfast and again have a great time so then these nights like well let’s go do laser tagging. So dude is like yep date three. I love laser tagging and all things free so I said let’s do it. Then we went to dinner again. The next morning breakfast and that afternoon go carts and dinner again. So he technically made it to his six dates but I was stuck up so I still sent his ass home. Well his friend (my coworker) called me and told me I was being cold hearted and mean so I was like what the hell I’m horny anyways so I called him back. Sex was actually pretty decent. After we had sex he was practically at my place everyday. If he wasn’t at my place I was all in his barracks room. I’m talking quickies during lunch. Quickies in the shower after PT.....all dat. Now let me back track real quick with an anecdote. So homie had a baby I think the little girl was almost one. So his relationship with his baby mama was supposedly toxic like one day he was at my place (before we started talking) on the phone arguing back and forth with her. So look when I date a guy as long as I know he’s taking care of his child I typically don’t interfere in baby mama drama plus I didn’t see homie as a boyfriend or a husband sooo what’s the point of me trying to be a mediator. Anyways the whole time we laying up and going on dates and screwing I promise y’all this man was never on the phone like that. Well one day he was busy at work and so was I so we had a quickie after work and then that was it. Well I get home I’m relaxing in bed and my best friend is blowing me up so as soon as I answer bitch don’t even say hello her first statement is “ummm who’s that baby on our coworkers snap” so I go look at his snap and can’t see anything. So my friend drives 15 minutes to my place to show me this damn snap. I look and low and behold it definitely looks like young bulls baby and his baby mama in the background at some apartment. So me being me I call him and try to figure out what’s up. Actually wrong I call him snapping because my toxic trait is I assume first and fly tf off the handle. So we’re going back and forth my coworker is like we’re coming to your place to settle this. Homie claims BM is here to just let him see his child and if he was with her why would he be on the phone fighting for me to believe him. So the arguing is lowkey turning me on (another toxic bitch trait I have) so next thing I know well we’re having sex. Real good sex too. So the next day I’m minding my business and I decide to stalk this man’s social media. Y’all I end up on his baby mama’s page and literally 10 minutes before these folks done got married. So I’m like wtf this man really pulled a fast one on me. So I’m petty and I’m a snitch so I politely hit the BM up and let her know what’s been going on. Y’all this is the reason why I don’t help females out anymore. Sis get mad at me. Basically I became the hoe that stalked and trapped her innocent fiancĂ©. So then I’m feeling real petty so I go on sis page and post a picture of me and her man in bed the day before their wedding. Sorry not sorry. She calls me telling me how she’s coming to beat my ass cause she knows where I live. I politely slid up the Hooters shorts that her man bought to see me model and I sat on the steps waiting on her to pull up.....y’all she still haven’t came but umm yeah real crazy time. Luckily or maybe luckily I think they’re still together and on their third child. Looking back though I see why she stayed cause she had nothing going on and to her I know that BAH and Tricare was looking real good. Still that was a real fun month in my life. 

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Six dates and a wedding

So remember when I told y’all I was wilding out after my divorce? Well 2015 to 2017 were some really wild but very fun times in my life. Th...