Sunday, January 12, 2020

Things to leave in the last decade....Part 1

Well good morning my love bugs. This is the first blog of 2020. Now it’s barely over a week in and 2020 has gotten off to a crazy start. There has been so much political wise that I’ve wanted to really speak on in this blog but surprisingly I’ve held my tongue. However now that we are in a new decade  I’ve decided I’ll start a new segment. This new segment will be about shit y’all should leave back in the 10s. Today I wanna start off with leaving cowardice in the 10s. Now listen I’ll keep it real. I was not always this upfront l, courageous, honest woman you guys know now. There was definitely a time in my life when I was a coward and I’d probably throw a stone and hide my hand. I’d also like to remind you that I was a damn teenager during this time and hadn’t found my voice. However as most of us are in our 20s and 30s please stop. Listen in everything I do I’m (how do the youngsters say it?) “ten toes down” about it. If I said it oh well, if I was wrong I’ll apologize, if I was being shady I’ll say it, if it was messy I’ll stand by the mess I created. That’s part of being an adult though. I know for a fact I’m not always right and I’ve definitely done my share of dirt but if it just so happens that a judgement day comes and my personal life is playing on the screen a strong 80% of the things I did I’ll be confident in letting it be seen.....the other 20% are very much S&M related and I’d prefer the good Lord skip over those parts. Some of y’all though are 20/30 and still in that coward teenage mindset. Let’s leave that in the 10s. If you’re scary don’t part your lips to talk about anyone or stir up any mess. I feel like social media and just general disconnect from human contact allows people to feel as if they are courageous but yet still be a coward. Now listen I’m not saying no one can gossip because truth be told we all gossip either we spreading the tea or sipping it. However you have to stand in your truth when it catches up to you. There’s been so many people over this past year who have said little things about me and think I don’t know but lord knows if I asked them they would shit a brick. The other day at work this girl came up to me woman to woman and the shit threw me off guard no lie. Anyways sis came up to me to let me know she got caught up in some drama of which someone was bashing me and she joined in. Listen that’s the shit I’m here for. Like my best friend used to say “be bout that shit you bark”. I respect that girl so much more than any else who was involved that talked about me then got up and came to smile in my face. That shit is dead to me and the biggest place I’ve seen it is in the ARMY. If there’s a particular group of females that I don’t like it would be friendly Army females. Let me give y’all a quick story and example of why. So when I was in Korea I had a small group of friends. It was three of us and then the three kinda became four. Well one of  us got a roommate and everyone wanted to welcome her with open arms. Of course by now y’all know I’m iffy so I was on edge but I kept warning my friends that she seemed off. Well she crossed me and I definitely stopped fucking with her. Well while we were still all friends it was two girls also in Korea that we definitely didn’t kick it with. One was this psychotic ass (no offense Haitian) that would literally be in the room doing voodoo and banging on her walls and floors and the other one was weird (like stealing folks clothes out the laundry weird). So of course as women do we talked our shit about them and swore we’d never fuck with them. One by one we all left Korea well when ol girl was left there by weak females do she ended up folding and becoming friends with the same females she dragged. That’s not even an isolated event I see this happen all the time. This is why I come off standoffish or I stick to myself. At the duty station I’m currently in I’ve only had three female friends one is a whole married woman the other is now in Germany and the other is a civilian I met through a friend I made online. Listen if I’m not with either of them I’m not stepping out cause I’ve seen these other females for who and what they are. We live in a generation of  people who are dying to fit in and dying to have friends and they do anything for that social status. I’ve seen females spread gossip or talk down on someone and their excuse for not approaching the person they have an issue with is because they are terrified of confrontation. No ma’am that’s not it at all because when I was a small child I was terrified of confrontation too but the difference is you couldn’t get me to part my lips about anyone or anything. See there’s a difference between being afraid of confrontation and stirring up mess. If you’re afraid of confrontation you don’t wanna be apart of no mess of drama. You walk around with your head down minding your own business and staying in your own lane. Y’all take this no confrontation as you can go around and talk shit and stir up mess and have people go at it and wash your hands of it but listen y’all have to be careful because eventually everything comes full circle. So for the remainder of 2020 do what you feel comfortable saying you did......did you catch that?

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