Sunday, January 19, 2020

Don’t let me stay in a toxic place

So unless you live under a rock or have sworn off technology then I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the news about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. A few years back they fell in love got married and she follows him back to his kingdom or his grandmother’s kingdom to live happily ever after. Well during their time over their Meghan has been treated poorly by the press, citizens, and even though I’m not 100% sure my spirit is telling me that her in laws were nasty to her as well. So last week her and her husband announced that they were taking a break from the royal life and will only be in Kensington Palace and the UK half the time. Listen all I have to say about this is ENERGY. To have someone you love or are in a relationship with value your mental health and well-being over a job or title is one of the most amazing things you can have. I’ve seen people come for his neck about his decision to potentially have issues with his family and lose his title but that is his WIFE. I don’t know if you all remember but his mother went through the same thing except her husband never offered her an escape route and ultimately it resulted in her death. Now that I’m older I realize having peace and being at peace is worth more than gold. Now I’m not saying money and benefits are import but check this out. In the first quarter of 2019 from January to March 90 active duty service members committed suicide. That’s in only three months. Mind you the military offers decent pay and great benefits but guess what those people still weren’t at peace and it cost them their life. When someone tells you they’re in a toxic situation and they aren’t happy and they’re your spouse or someone you claim to love (could just be friends or family) support their decision. I literally just had this conversation with my boyfriend about how I have to get out the Army I’m not happy anymore and I was so relieved when he didn’t try to talk me out and supported me if that’s what I was passionate about. I was relieved however because everyone else around me stresses staying in for a check and retirement in 20 years. So fuck my mental health right 🙄. Like I said I get how important finances are and being financially stable and having money is but I’ve also been in such a depressed and dark state of mind to where I thought my only option was death. I’d never want to be so deep in toxic situations that I feel that way again especially when I have a five year old daughter that would suffer because of it. So Harry has my upmost respect. I see so many people bashing him and tearing him down because he’s looking out for the betterment of his life. If you really love someone you’ll always  consider their mental and emotional state when making moves. Especially when you have a child or children together. Your children definitely pick up on the negative energy coursing though their household as they grow up. They see when mom and dad or off. They can tell when something is going on. Earlier this year I took Harmony (my daughter) to one of my therapy sessions. My therapist asked me if I thought Harmony could notice when I’m going through trials and tribulations, as a defensive mom I of course said hell no but then he asked Harmony a few questions and she started pointing out times when I was stressed or when I was off and I was like damn this shit is real. So yes if you love the people around you and you see they’re in a toxic position then pull them out. There’s nothing cute or fun about feeling mentally or emotionally drained. I saw a post on Twitter that was praising Aaron Hernandez’ fiancé for being his ride or die during his trial and then someone retweeted it and said he shouldn’t have put her in that position in the first place and listen y’all I could’ve got up and did a praise dance. Don’t get me wrong I’m gonna ride for my man but again the position he put her in and the mind frame was emotionally and mentally toxic and she had a child on top of it. So yes I’ll say it Prince Harry is goals and Meghan owes him the most unconditional love for the sacrifice he made for her well-being!

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