Wednesday, December 4, 2019

No one is financially responsible for you!!

So I’ve had this discussion with two of my closet friends twice in a two week span and we’ve all had this issue so it’s time we publicly discuss this. The only people in this world that should be financially dependent on another human being is children, terminally ill, and elderly and by elderly I mean 80 and up. Stop making the financial responsible folks in your family (or your group of friends) feel like they need to carry your financial burdens or they need to bail you out due to your mistakes. Now I understand we all fall on hard times and need a hand but if you aren’t actively changing the situation around you then don’t like at your family and friends as selfish because we don’t want to bail you out. Now I need y’all to kick off your little shoes and grab your tea because we really about to dig into this. Okay so here it is another holiday season and I’m starting to turn into little Scrooge.....why because one by one my inbox has been filled with demands of what folks want for Christmas. Yes y’all heard me demands....first of all that’s not what the season is about. I promise you I laid out a list for everyone but if I didn’t get anything but gift cards and bath &body works candles I’d be grateful. The only expensive gifts I expect are from the man I sleep with and whoever I cash app to take Harmony to get what I want 😂😂😂. Other than that I don’t know folks pockets and I’m not greedy. So today I got into it with someone fairly close to me because of this same issue. This person decided they would buy Harmony a gift in exchange for me getting a gift for them they demanded. First of all if y’all out here doing that then that’s low especially to single mother’s. For those of us tackling this parent shit alone the holidays are strenuous because we literally have to make up for both parents so if you offer to get something for my child (while yes I will get you something) don’t demand what it is you get and don’t make it some expensive thing you can’t regularly get for yourself. The only person I’m responsible for spoiling during the holidays is Harmony, my niece, and my man anyone else gives me their list and I’ll see what I can do! This doesn’t just happen on the holidays though it’s daily. If you have money or financially responsible folks feel entitled to your spare change. Y’all don’t know how often I’m asked for money but ask me how often these same people do anything for me or even check on me. When some people call or text I already know what the conversation is about to be and that annoys me. Now I’m not a hard ass I feel for people who fall on hard times and go through things but some of y’all stay in these positions and guilt those around you to help. Don’t think Asia doesn’t have times where I’m like damn. Shoot in 2015 I had a WHOLE year of it. I was around here sick but I promise you I worked my way out of it and I sacrificed. Before I make anyone feel financially responsible for my downfall I’ll find some type of way to hustle so I can pull my weight or hold my own. Y’all have to understand those people in your life that have money or seem fiscally responsible also make sacrifices within their own home and lifestyle and every time you come around with your hand out or your pouting ass face you’re taking away something they work hard for. I used to read in the blogs about all these disgruntled families of celebrities and I’d be thinking “Damn if I ever got on I’d make sure my whole team straight” but now (and I’m not even ON) I can see why because some of y’all want to drain, drain, drain and never damn help yourselves and then when someone tells you no then here comes the guilt trip. I promise you if I say no once I turn into the worst everything and all of what I do is quickly forgotten because of that one no. However if I don’t say no and I end up flat on my ass I promise you no one is coming to my rescue. So this holiday season before y’all think someone “has it” and you want it please think of all the work they put it. Matter of fact don’t just apply that to the season apply that to every damn day. Before y’all throw your financial burdens or you expensive wishes on someone please think of how many hours they worked, how long they went to school, all their side hustles. and all their training and certifications and then think of all the bills they may have paid and any other unexpected expenses then think of them wanting to save and now after all of that think to yourself  with their spare change do they really wanna give it to you. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk and Happy Holidays!!

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