Sunday, November 10, 2019

I’m not friendly

So unless you live under a rock or have 0 social media then I’m sure you’ve heard about Alexia Crawford. If you haven’t I’ll explain. She was a 21 year old senior at Clark Atlanta University. She was murdered by her roommate/friend and the roommate’s boyfriend. She went missing the day before Halloween and the roommate putting up posts and helping search like she didn’t just help kill that girl. Anyways since I was little I’ve been closed off....I have a few friends now but they’ve been vetted and I mean vetted. I’ve always been told I’m the mean friend who doesn’t like people and that’s no lie. A lot of my friends (no offense) are way too friendly for me. They wanna accept and have fun with everyone. Me I’m not on that and this story is exactly why. Folks are fake and dangerous af. One of the first things my father told me is to trust no one. Y’all have to be careful out here. That partying with everyone and letting everyone feed you drinks is dead af to me. “ASIA she’s cool let her come out with us” 🗣NOPE. I’m telling you like y’all don’t understand how protective of myself I am cause it’s a lot more fake and fraudulent shot going on than real shit. Especially when it comes to females and make mixing. Alexis was ultimately killed because her roommate’s boyfriend was sexually assaulting and possibly raped her. Instead of the roommate dumping her boyfriend she acted like most of y’all (Silly over trash ass niggas) and stuck by her trifling boyfriend. I’m sure it was his idea to murder her so he could beat a rape charge and her ass already being a jealous smut fell for it. So naw I’m good on being friendly.  Every time I’ve been extra friendly to females that seemed a little off that shit has backfired. Y’all gotta stop letting everyone in your aura and thinking everyone is solid. Drink and laugh with a female two times and y’all feel like y’all best friend ESPECIALLY in the Army whole time she’s sleeping with your husband. I’m telling y’all every male or female I claim as a best friend I’ve at least had one or two disagreements with to see how they move afterwards. Not only that but I don’t want any “YES MEN” as friends.....those friends that agree with everything you do or say yep I’m telling you now fake af. They agree to your face and go right behind your back and dawg you out. Men let me tell ya y’all probably have the fakest friendships cause y’all be so scared to check y’all brothers so instead you either talk shit about him or be in his girl DMs. Don’t disagree with me because I have receipts from 2015 to prove my theory.  Basically what I’m saying y’all is protect yourselves. Everyone isn’t meant to have close access to you and everyone isn’t your friends. One of my closest friends I used to argue with everyday but on everything she’s one of the realest females I know. She’ll tell me when I’m dead ass wrong and if anything is said about me she’ll have my back and FaceTime me so you can say it to my face. I’ve had fake friends so I already know from a ten minute conversation what category I’ll put you in. I had a best friend (or so I thought) that knew my husband was cheating on me chile she sat at a table with me looking shocked as I cried. Me and her had one disagreement and sis put all my business out on Facebook and the disagreement was me trying to protect her....that’s the real gag. Another story....I had a friend well I thought of her more as a little sister. She was a people know the type of folks that wanna be friends with everybody and will do anything to fit in. Anyways we worked together and I knew how she was but I loved her and was so over protective of her. I left the shop because in the Army we swap out like every year or so. No shop is gonna be completely the same for years and years. Anyways I left thinking that’s still my sis but as soon as she needed clout with the new crew best believe she talked shit about her days ones. Dead ass I call back to the office and some chick on the phone laughing saying she’s heard about me 🤔🤔 heard what. That’s when my other friend calls me telling me what she’s heard through the grapevine. I mean homegirl pulled up my records to show these folks for some clout. This is exactly why I am the way I am. I had a girl I was friend with in Korea who slept with a dude I talked to not even a full month after I left. Naw these hoes are not to be trusted especially easily. I don’t have folks in my home, I don’t drink around big crowds, I drive my own car.  . Like shit seems sweet but it’s not and it’s more people praying on your downfall than your come up. Your name is in more negative conversations than positive one even within your so called friendships. Anyways Rest In Peace to Alexis Crawford. I was praying for a better outcome and praying she’d be okay but now I’m praying for her soul and praying her family gets justice. 

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