Monday, October 7, 2019

Productive Communication

Y’all first let me apologize for being out of the loop for the past couple weeks. I have a lot going on both good and bad and that’s been occupying my time. However I’d like to let y’all know that the podcast is coming ☺️☺️☺️. The premier date is proposed for Thanksgiving as of right now and I’m so excited to get started. It’s a lot of prep work and money that goes into it otherwise that shit would be up today. However if you would like to support the podcast you can donate through cashapp at $AsiaJ93 and in the subject line make sure you put its for the podcast. Also I’ll be putting out branded merchandise soon so save some coins to get y’all some merch. So anyways yesterday I was about to rip this guy I like a new one like I was really about to tear into him annnndddd a bitch was wrong. Yes although Asia is rarely wrong when I'm wrong I will admit it. So initially I was about to tear into him about our communication he’s not much of a talker and not one to express his feelings but y’all know me I’m very open and I love to interact through speaking. I was wrong though really wrong. So the issue was communication and I initially was putting all the blame on him but I'm about to say something I know will be used against me later. As women we have to listen and we also have to be in tune with our partners. Yes majority of the time we aren't getting fed emotionally or mentally by our partners but we can be so caught up on what we're not getting that we forget our partners need it too and they don’t necessarily need it the same way or in the same fashion. With that being said he had things going on that I had never fathomed because I was caught up on my men ain't shit platform. I think in this generation where couples get it wrong is that we're selfish. We want to love in our terms instead of our partners. Although in a lot of instances me and this man are alike when it comes to love and relationships we are very different and we’ve had very different experiences. So it's been a transition trying to get to know him and what he liked because I'm so used to dealing with things in my own terms instead of his. However, I apologized to him and we're on the right path as of now. I just wanted to put that out there though. So ladies before you completely go off on the deep end have that talk and communicate and realize that communicating includes active listening. Our partners deal with shit just like us except in men especially black men they don't often get that type of love and sympathy so they typically hold everything inside and hide. We not doing this in 2020 though.....I'm about to introduce him to something completely different. I'm not about to be one of those women who takes takes takes no sir. We talking about feelings and emotions. We sharing deep dark secrets and insecurities. We're speaking life into each other and motivating each other. Anyways my loves I gotta go but I just wanted to get that out. Love y'all!!

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