Sunday, August 25, 2019


So I had no intention on posting a blog today. I’ve actually been waiting to post a blog about a book I’m reading...however, when God speaks to you.....LISTEN. So a girl I went to high school with started this group. Basically it’s a group of women who commit to a fast to better themselves and connect with God. We did one first before and this is our second go round. This second time we seem to be more engaged with each other and with that we have a weekly conference call. Tonight was the very first call and I honestly feel like my spirit and soul have been fed. One of the topics we spoke on tonight is why sisterhoods basically don’t exist. We all came up with a variety of reasons which got me to thinking. Women have strayed further and further from our cores and from loving and protecting each other. A lot of friendships out there are surface. We base friendships off of who’s gonna turn up with us...who’s our common enemy...who we think is cute...who we think might be on our level. Or we constantly think that we’re in some sort of competition when we all can win. We talk about each other, we judge each other, or we’re jealous of each other. Honestly think about your friendships right now. When is the last time you called to check up on your friend? When is the last time you lit some sage and incense and prayed on their behalf? When is the last time you sat around a group of women and poured your heart out and got the support you needed and unconditional love?We’re usually used to the let’s got clubbing or let’s go grab drinks or ggggiiirrrrllll did you hear about so and so....type friendships. As women individually we are so powerful but if we came together and supported each other we’d literally be unstoppable. I challenge you all to form a deeper connection with those that you refer to as friends. It’s so many women out here who need a solid good sisterhood. Reach out to your sisters and see what’s really going on with them. Not just the surface issues but the things they’re embarrassed or ashamed to speak on. When you’re seeking these sisterhoods be genuine about it too. When you hear of your girl’s struggle instead of repeating their downfalls, help them work through it. With everything going on in the world today you need a solid circle to really have your back. So that’s the goal for this week for me. I honestly want to create bonds that are deeply rooted and involved. This group is the first step to that. It had been awhile since I had been on the phone just having genuine conversations about each other. No gossiping about so and so or talking down on anyone I feel beneath me but honestly speaking on growth and uplifting. So my love bugs as we go into a new week I encourage you all to really build deeper connections within you group of friends that form into a sisterhood. Randomly make one of your prayer sessions about a friend. Do a sweet gesture towards a friend. Take them out to lunch. Babysit their kid so they can have some me time. Come over and help them clean or make dinner. Set up a gym or spa date. Just do something to let them know that you’re here and that you value them and want to uplift them. Love y’all ❤️

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