Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Promote Education

Hey babes. It's been a hectic couple of weeks. I know across the south maybe everywhere that school is back in session. This is my first time having a school aged baby and whew chile it's a transition. So first of all shout out to all the parents who were hustling and shuffling trying to get everything right for the little ones. All the pictures of these amazing kids on their first day of school is making my heart warm because after all they are our future and they just look so adorable. With that being said this year I encourage all the parents out there to take an active role in your child's education. If you don't know I'm here to tell you that the government could give two craps about our kids and how they turn out. Hence how Betsy DeVos became the U.S. Secretary of education with absolutely no background in public education or little to no interest in better the public school system. A few weeks before school started I met this beautiful intelligent woman in the hair salon who gave me the run down about public schools. Not only was she a teacher but she has her masters in education and is raising three gifted children of her own. She gave me the ins and outs of schools and how our kids (especially black and brown) get treated if their parents aren't a fighting force behind their education. For instance standardized testing has been proven to be biased and isn't actually mandatory so if you've held your child back because they failed the states standardized testing you're actually holding back your child's progress. She explained to me how they handle children with different situations all the same. We like to label children as bad but are the bad or in distress. I made a vow that as soon as Harmony hit that school ground I would put her education above all else. Why? Because every generation is supposed to be last. I've done okay for myself but some of the issues or struggles I faced Harmony won't. I want her to know that getting her education and excelling at it is not an option. Everyday since she's come home from school we've been studying. I sit at the table with her and make her trace over words over and over until I know her hands are tired then next we're going over counting, and so on and so forth. Please don't depend on your child's sole education coming from the classroom because the government doesn't value educators anymore so educators look at teaching like a job. I went to school with plenty of men that I felt like were lowkey smart but they weren't getting that support and push from at home so they came to school acting out and guess what the teachers don't get paid enough to care so they don't and if I'm only making 25K to 30K a year I'm gonna have that same energy. So with that being said please force education and the importance of it on these babies. All the Nike shoes and Gucci belts and Bundles don't mean shit if we have these genius kids and we aren't pushing them to their full potential.It's hard but as parents this is what we signed up for and if you look at your baby in the face and don't want them to succeed then you should give that baby to someone who really cares. Yeah it means longer nights for you or sitting at the table frustrated shouting "IF TIMMY HAD THREE APPLES" but when they become something great it'll be worth it. I don't know what Harmony will be when she grows up but I know she'll be educated because from K through College I'm forcing that down her throat. So I'm praying for each and every child going to school this year and I'm speaking into existence that this generation will come so much harder than the last. We're producing doctors, lawyers, teachers, scientists, moguls, CEOs ,CFOs, writers, and so much more. Love y'all!

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