Sunday, August 18, 2019

Did Jay-Z sell out?

So unless you’ve been living under a rock I’m sure you’ve heard the news that Jay-Z has partnered up with the NFL.  His partnership has been met with the black community calling him a sell out because if y’all remember Kapernick was blacked balled by the NFL for initiating the kneeling protest. In case you didn’t know the protest was in response to the influx of unarmed African Americans being murdered by cops during what should be routine stops. So I myself stood for  what Kap was doing. I was tired of hearing about my unarmed brothers and sisters being apprehended and killed off rip because of our skin tone. Kap succeeded in his message because even though he pissed hella conservative white folks off, his protest open the door to the discussion of how African Americans are treated in this country. Now unpopular opinion but I feel like Jay-Z made the right move and let me tell you why. As I’ve said before we need more representation out there for us. If we want our kids to receive the same and better education we need black teachers teaching in our neighborhoods. If we want to stop getting murdered because our tail-light is out then we need more black cops patrolling our neighborhoods and so on. I’ve always said in order to make any changes we need to put our people in these positions of power. So I don’t blame Jay-Z at all. How are we gonna make change in the NFL if we don’t have a seat at the table? I mean think about it we work for the NFL but we don’t have anyone at the top. Name all the NFL team owners. Name other black artists that partner with the NFL or black companies. Y’all looking at this as a sell out but I’m looking like this is an opportunity for my people. Jay-Z just put himself in a position to speak on behalf of our community. If you think Jay-Z doesn’t care about this community then you’re sleep. For the past few years he’s really been about his people. His wife was the first black artist to promote part of our culture at Coachella which is one of the whitest festivals ever. I mean sis represented HBCUs to the fullest had Becky in the crowd shook because they never heard soul like that. Never seen a black band and black majorettes. My daughter watched it and listen she gets hype every time we rewatch it. Y’all if we want to make change in their world we gotta go above these protests and take action. Y’all mad at Jay-Z for signing with the NFL but name a small black business you promote outside of your family? Name black owned restaurants in your community? When is the last time you gave back to the black community? Volunteered your time to our youth? So get off y’all soapboxes because I know for a fact Jay-Z about to ride for us with this new position. Love y’all ❤️


  1. Hey There, I come from a different culture, where it doesn't matter how you look, what matter the most is your action.
    That's why when I first heard about Jay-Z joining the NFL, I never thought that this what was running through the heads of many people! But I totally agree with you! In my opinion Jay-Z and Beyonce are representing a whole community in the best way possible and they are helping so much ! Thank you so much for this post, It was really informative, well at least to me !

  2. So I do live under a rock, up in Canada. I do not know who Jay-Z is and I do not watch anything to do with Football. But I do know that we all have to stand up for what we believe in and all are created equal, we need to all choose to live in community

  3. This is a land where people from different culture and religion live together. I don't know much about foot ball or Jay-Z. I know all humans are equal and we should treat each other with respect.

  4. To be honest, I had no idea this happened and I'm just knowing about it now. My take on it is this, he could have partnered with them for either of two reasons: For selfish reasons or for the black community. In as much as I see the point you're making, I also want you to know that having someone at the top doesn't necessarily mean they will represent you or stand for you. In most cases even if they had such intentions, it usually changes when they are confronted by the powers that be and if they don't comply, they are framed or killed. So always have it at the back of your mind that you and God are all you've got.


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