Tuesday, August 6, 2019

A bit of FB drama 打打打

Okay so if you’re friends with me on Facebook you probably saw or heard about the drama on my page yesterday. However, if you missed it here I am today with the back story and my summary of how everything played out. Okay so I’m friends with this dude really good friends we tried a little romantic thing and had a little getaway months ago but umm it didn’t work out.....for various reasons. Anyways we still remained cool, actually we were pretty close I mean talking everyday and texting throughout the day. Discussing all types of different topics just real best friend type shit. He wanted more but it just really wasn’t in the cards but our vibe was really deep for real. Anyways let me get to how the drama started. So his baby mama doesn’t like me. She doesn’t like anyone female associated with him so before she ever met me I was always bitches and hoes and sluts. Yeah she’s one of those. So anyone who knows me knows I’m petty. On this part I will admit I was wrong I did address her first but it was honestly to have a real woman to woman conversation with her because the shit she does is next level bitter and I honestly don’t want to see other women go out like that plus as me and him talked everyday I got well acquainted with his son and I really got attached to him, so I hated that their toxic relationship was spilling over into him. So around July 4th we had our first altercation that was over pretty quickly after she tried to threaten me and I let her know baby you’d be better off slapping ya mama wig off than ever putting your hands on me. So fast forward to yesterday he sends me screenshots of her again calling me out my name. Not only that but she was upset I made a post about bitter baby mama’s on my blog (I guess the shoe fit 打). So me being my petty self I simply thanked her for viewing the blog because y’all know I appreciate and cherish every single view, like, and share. Well that fired her up so we go at it again. Now she says I bullied her son mind you I’ve only talked to him on the phone and we always have great interactions so she had me confused with some other woman. She’s still going off trying to diss me so y’all know me I got jokes and clapbacks for days. Well I guess my digs were too much for her because she took it upon herself to take a dig at my child. Yes five year old Harmony. Yes y’all e-niece. Yes the little girl that I’ll smile in my mugshot behind. Now this chick is in Florida so I can’t touch her but I’m fuming. Anyone who knows me knows I’m sensitive about my baby, I’m her first and only line of defense it’s just us so I’ll go to war with the whole damn world about that one. So I’m the type of person that you shouldn’t beef with because when I get turnt up I have no chill. My friend once described my actions to a group of folks and would basically say I’m a bear and when you tap a bear you don’t know what kind of reaction you’re gonna get but it won’t end well . I’m known for dragging people and if I can’t with my hands I definitely will with my words. So I took it upon myself to show my whole Facebook who she was and tell them how she came for my child. She’s not very pretty. The picture I chose her makeup was horrid. She was wearing this cheap knock off fashion nova wannabe outfit and it didn’t make her look flattering. She had rolls popping out her crop top . Y’all know my friends had a field day with that one. Do I regret what I did no 仄‍♀️. I lost a friend from it because the father was upset. He’s terrified of her and she walks all over him and disrespects him but that’s not me and if you come for a child you get what’s coming to you every time and if I was in a hour radius of her I would’ve been outside her job sitting on the hood of my waiting until the end of her shift to bounce her head off the pavement. Yeah it sucks to lose a friend but like I told him I’m gonna go hard for my child and if he’s my friend instead of being terrified of her he’d get his shit together and start correcting her because it’s folks out here that will (Nipsey Hussle voice) test yo jaw about their respect. Anyways after me and my ex-friend went at it I let him know I couldn’t rock with him cause condoning that or sticking up for that is flaw to me especially when I defend him all the time when she telling the world he’s a deadbeat but in the end I think this was a lesson that everyone ain’t as solid or tough as me cause y’all know me wrong is wrong period and if you wrong I’m gonna let you get what you deserve shit ain’t no Captain Save A Hoe over here. However at the end of the day I wish the child in their situation the best because no one deserves to grow up in a toxic situation at all. I also wish my ex-friend the best but umm as for the female she’ll forever be on my shit list and if I see her well....y’all know 仄‍♀️仄‍♀️仄‍♀️

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  1. He’s green af for. It sticking up for you. Especially knowing that she came for your child. I don’t think you did anything wrong. I actually applaud you for having the restraint you did to not go in on her even more than what you did. I’m petty too. I’d probably still be going in on her if I was in that situation and it would definitely be on site every time I saw her.


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