Monday, July 1, 2019

Should Women Have More Respect For Ourselves?

Okay so there has been these videos circulating of women proving their ummm sucking abilities. Okay so I am a very sexual being. If you've had more than three conversations with me in a comfortable setting then sex has been mentioned. I'm very pro-feminism and I'm for women doing whatever they want. I'm not the type of girl who's gonna judge you for your 200 bodies unless your 200 bodies are married men. I think that's where my sexual freedom draws the line. However, some of the coolest women you'll meet are comfortable with their sexual being. I've never been caught up on numbers or bodies or no shit like that. Scientifically you can have sex with 50 men and your pussy can still be tight while a girl who's a virgin can feel loose as a goose that's just how the world works. Plus I'm a firm believe in pussy maintenance so your shit can be BAP from just five guys if you ain't yoni steaming and detoxing. However I'm no judge is what I'm saying. I have college educated friends in corporate America out here fucking and I have friends that barely graduated high school that will stick their nose up at you if you say you've been with more than five men. I guess it's life. However I do think there is a line and we shouldn't cross it. It's okay for us as women to be sexy. I love being and feeling sexy. I love buying myself lingerie even when I'm single just to take cute pictures I post them no......may I send them to my man as a teaser.....HELL YES. I do repost and share sex meme's that describe my mood or what I think is funny. I wear shirts with cleavage, leggings, shorts, and sundresses. This doesn't take away from the fact that I'm a great mother, that I'm educated, I can hold a conversation about a wide damn array of topics, I'm multi-faceted, and spiritual. Something I won't do though is record myself practicing my sexual favors. Yes I pride myself on a few tricks and moves I have in the bedroom but there's somethings we have to leave to these dudes imagination. Even with dressing sexy y'all ain't about to see EVERYTHING you'll see enough to know it's there and you can't touch it. Sammie an R&B singer posted about how we are queens and the slurp girls are making it harder for the good girls. I agree. Ladies we complain about how trash these men are but majority of the time they following our lead. It's okay to be free and fun but don't let these dudes think that we're only their cum dumpsters cause we aren't we're so much more than that. Yes sis slurp the hell out of those penises but in the privacy of your own home and AFTER that man has proven himself worthy not in the middle of the club for entrance in a VIP booth. Just my two cents though. Peace, Love , and Blessings......Asia J.

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