Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Patience is a virtue ❤️

Anyone who knows me knows I lack patience. I think that’s a generational thing. We see things or we  think of things and we want it now like right now. For the past few months that’s been my life. If things haven’t been going my way I quit or give up because I’m frustrated and I think damn if it isn’t happening now then it’ll never happen. For instance career wise something was suppose to happen and it wasn’t moving fast enough and myself along with everyone around me was like “well damn if it hasn’t taken off yet then it isn’t taking off at all....but God....whole time I’m over here doing the absolute most about why my shit ain’t moving as fast as everyone else’s it’s because folks were really out here looking out for me. See sometimes we forget slow and steady wins the race.  Yesterday while I’m discussing my situation with the person over it all he’s laying out the whole plan for me and I feel stupid cause had I rushed I could’ve missed out on hella coins and opportunities. Then I think back to two years ago when I first started my blog on blogspot. I remember I felt like I wasn’t getting enough views so I quit. No first few weeks in this and my views are steadily rising and it’s not just the views but y’all actually vibe with me like the feedback and the love is overwhelming and I love it. I just want to let y’all know that if you feel like something isn’t moving fast enough for you don’t stress. If you didn’t get that job you applied for, if you didn’t get approved for that car or that house, or whatever it is you’re going for. Be patient man. People are gonna question if moves are being made in your life and you don’t have to answer to ANYONE. I don’t tell anyone anything anymore I just prepare myself for this season of upcoming blessings shit everyone will see it when it gets here. Even with my love life. I tried to rush it with one situation and God was over here planting seeds in a situation I wasn’t even focused on. So patience baby. I promise everything you’re stressed about, everything you’re giving yourself a hard time about is already being worked out. Take your time.

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