Sunday, July 21, 2019

Make up your mind

Whew chile either the male species has gotten softer or the Mercury Retrograde hitting y'all hard. It was a City Boy summer but I'm gonna say the City Boys are dropping points real quick. So remember when I told y'all about D and how he wanted to live his best life.......well as I predicted he wants that old thang back and not just him all my old hoes. I don't know what it is but when I'm happy and content all my old hoes and exes come out of the black hole they sunk into and all of a sudden wanna make things right. See Asia is the type of girl that will cry and be sad for about a week and then after that it's a wrap on to the next. I'm 26 so I'm not chasing anyone or going back and forth or waiting on anyone to give me what I deserve. Ladies after 21 we gotta hold these men/women to higher standards and if they can't meet them then it's time to bounce. Now before a man jumps on here trying to come for me any man I've dated will tell you that everything I require I reciprocate. I pay for dates, I send my man money for his cut or to get his ride washed, I provide great sex, no I'm not asking you to pay my bills or take care of my daughter, and yes I have goals and ambition. So when I require these things just know it's because I'm bringing that same energy to the table. Anyways yesterday on my blog I posted about a new dude I'm talking to. He's honestly not new he's been around but our communication with each other is off and on ESPECIALLY with him being so far away. When he's around though it's a different story. I don't want to sound cheesy or corny but I feel a different type of peace and comfort and the best part about it is we started off like damn Helga and Hey Arnold (if you don't know those references google). I mean I was a complete ass to him and he'll tell you he thought I was bitch. Anywho y'all get that full story if we ever become official official. Anyways my point is when I move on I'm not looking back or sweating no old shit. I hadn't talk to D in weeks and the others probably months and I had no intention to. So D clearly read my blog because his passive aggressive ass deleted our joint Amazon wish list. I mean honestly I didn't care cause this wish list was made back in December since then I've gotten all that shit. The only reason I even knew he deleted it was because he opted for amazon to send me an email notifying me. Dead ass this is what I'm dealing with. Then he got one of his little workers to text me to "check on me" and let me know how I hurt her boss. Mind you I told D what I wanted and what I expected when we had her falling out he let me know that he couldn't provide that at this time. So what do I do move on. If the roles were reversed he'd have Becky with the good hair in the passenger seat of his truck. Fellas if you tell us you can't reciprocate or provide us with what we want we're allowed to move on. I've seen females in the same toxic nasty relationships for years trying to be patient and wait on their relationship come up. Naw boss not me.SO then this other guy right. He's currently deployed. For a few months we hit it hard talking and he wanted to commit so I'm like okay let's do this. Homeboy disappeared for almost a month. His excuse he didn't have service bbbuuutttt homie was posting snaps of him rapping to songs he didn't know the words to. Sir I was born at night not last night. So when he pops back up I'm doing me. Now in his opinion I'm not loyal or solid. Tf. I must be hard as hell or you females dense because in order for these dudes to try this with me it must've worked on y'all. Being with me is like a regular place of employment NO CALL NO SHOW then you have been terminated. So for him to even have the audacity to hit me up talking about I'm not loyal boy bye. Then the next guy I referred to him in my original City Boys post. He's a nice guy and we can laugh and talk and have fun but he was caught up on the drama with his BM. In my younger days I'd be with the shit but at this point I can not. Nor do I wanna deal with him going back and forth between us both. So he's been hitting me up "You out here being happy without me" , "You really won't give me a chance". When I tried though he was still in BM face trying to double dip.....AHT AHT AHT. The thing that frustrates me is I'm up front with all my dudes. I always ask them initially what it is they want and then I speak on what I want. If you not on board what am I supposed to do. I'm moving on and that's that on THAT. Like I said before I'm 26 so y'all should know I'm not dealing with the same shit I dealt with at 19. That's a negative ghostrider. So until further notice I'm gonna keep moving in the directions that make me happy period.

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