Monday, July 8, 2019

City Boys Summer

Listen ladies.....I know the summer just started but the City Boys are taking over. I thought maybe it was just in the celebrity world with Caresha from the City Girls getting pregnant right before summer. Then Safaree cheated on Erica Mena then Carmelo cheated on our good sis Lala but umm it’s not just them. Even these average everyday dudes out here acting fools sis. Yes I’m talking about the ones that bust in under ten minutes. The ones that need to hold something until payday. The ones who’s hairline start way the fuck back there. Listen y’all I’ve been missing for a couple of days because I literally wiped out my whole starting line up. Yes a bitch had to do a Thanos to her love life until balance is restored to the universe. Now let’s be clear I have hoes. I usually have one dude that I’m intimate with a couple that I date and various that I talk to. As of right now we’re down to zero
I mean a bitch little black book ain’t been this empty since I switched schools in the third and fourth grade. Anyway let me tell you how they all dropped. So D was my star he was my Lebron my gah damn Kawhi this season but you know how you give a lame dude some play and he start feeling himself. I swear this happens ALL the time. They get so shocked that they get the thick chick that pays for dates and has the bomb ass personality you know the one that rides one her toes and gives the sloppy that they forget who needs to be groveling to who. Okay so let me tell y’all what happened with D. So we agreed that at the time being we were just friends since a few month back we had a bad break up. Father’s Day rolls around and he’s honestly a great father so me and my daughter take him out to dinner and get him some gifts cause I knew his baby mama wasn’t gonna do shit for him. So after dinner and the gifts the Meg The Stallion and City Girls in me should’ve went home but a bitch stayed. Y’all the sex he delivered after the break up was not the same sex he was delivering while we was together. I’m talking cat whips, masks, flavored lube and all and then after he done beat it down when I should’ve got up and left I done let the fool cuddle me and hold me all night. So in my mind we back together right. Like we have to be dating because the next morning before he leaves for work he makes breakfast so we absolutely have to be together. So a couple days go by I’m playing it cool haven’t wrote him . Then I text him asking him if he wanted to hang out. Chile tell me why this man talking about he’ll see if he can pencil me in and then proceeds to tell me that he’s not trying to fall in love so limit the sex to once a month if that. Y’all I’m looking at my phone like negro is you serious like are you dead ass. Okay so I blocked him from EVERYTHING cause I’m like first of all sir how you gonna dictate the amount of times we see each other and have sex in order to prevent yourself from catching feelings and you only pull this AFTER you done brought some GRADE A dick 🙄🙄🙄.  I think what really tripped me out is homie after we broke up YOU pursued this friendship sex situationship with me. Okay so that gave the City Boys an automatic 3 points cause my little spirit was crushed like weeks later I’m still salty and really the only way I can bounce back is if I sleep with his senior rater 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ So I’ve really been debating that for weeks. Okay so let’s move on to the next dude. My homegirl called herself setting me up with her boyfriends friend . Y’all tell me why the man don’t text back unless sex is mentioned. Got drunk and randomly sent me his dick print. Then I was supposed to fly out to see them y’all the man wouldn’t buy my ticket. Lmfao like I am not used to this type of treatment. I don’t know if the mercury retrograde has spun in the men’s favor or if Tristan Thomas and Carmelo Anthony have put roots on the women or if Caresha jinxed us by getting pregnant but City Boys 4 Asia 0. Then to cap it all off this gonna have y’all dying. So I went to Jacksonville a few weeks back to take the man that’s been like a father figure out for his birthday. I met him at his barbershop right. Mind you I sit in the lobby waiting on him to get his haircut. The barber walks out and obviously likes what he sees and asks for my number. Y’all I kid y’all not this man asked me to get a room with him the same night if he took me out on a date. Boy you got me fucked up 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭 yo ass tried it. Like I’m telling you it’s a City Boys summer. Then I was talking to this dude and he was really about to be my Lebron for our birthday weekends a couple months back we did a whole getaway. I bought him video games. One day I randomly cash app’d him for a haircut. Now this WHOLE time he been telling me about his psycho baby mama and I’ve been sympathizing with him because I hate bitter baby mamas. Man shit finally comes to a head and the baby mama has RECEIPTS while he been telling me she psycho and won’t let go he been giving her false hope. I mean buying roses and telling her he miss her and all kinds of shit. Needless to say Black Men Don’t Cheat went out the window real gah damn quick. See this year I was tryna play fair and do right but it seems like I need to get back on my bullshit. So it may be City Boys 6 Asia 0 but I promise before the summer over it’ll be Asia 12 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ PERIOD!!

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  1. I shouldn't be laughing but mann city boys are going hard this summer. Yall had last summer! Shout out Tristan


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