Friday, July 12, 2019

City Boys Strike Again

*Deep Sigh* Ladies my original post about the City Boys was meant to be a warning. It was meant to let y’all know that this summer we gotta be vigilant and on our toes because they trying to take our spot. So while I’m plotting my revenge thinking I’m about to get us some major points my best friend of all people dropped the ball πŸ—£ MY BEST FUCKING FRIEND. So last night I’m on the phone kind of caked up. My best friend calls. I ignore it because I’m one already on the phone and two it’s after 9 (don’t call me after 9) so she text the group chat. She hates texting so I knew the shit was an emergency. Y’all she done got caught in a Barbara this is Shirley situation and she wasn’t Barbara or Shirley. Pretty much she was πŸ—£ THE SAME GIRL (In my Usher and R Kelly voice). So let me give y’all the back story. My bestie we’ll call her Patricia( to protect the innocent) has been in love with this guy named Michael (protecting the innocent again) since I’ve known her. I used to be a fan but homie is not a good guy. He’s the type that has a charming personality and he’ll do little things to make you smile every now and then but he’s shady and manipulative. For half their relationship he’s been cheating and creeping and on his bullshit. So when she called me a few months back saying she’s linked up with this new dude Tyler I was a fan. Now Tyler isn’t what I’d want her to be in a relationship with he has quite a few kids and he seems very possessive so I told my bestie to keep it cute and fun and to stock up on her Plan B. Bitch ain’t take NONE of my advice. Fast forward to the end of May they damn near in a whole relationship. Well Tyler finds out about Michael and shows us that the City Boys are petty and did not come to play. Instead of just leaving Patricia alone this man stalks Michael whole life finds his pretty adult niece and takes her out. Y’all first of all Tyler is my spirit animal cause on my mama that’s a move right out my book πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but this is my best friend it’s happening to so he’s a fuck boy. So Tyler’s whole reason of dating the niece is to make sure my best friend finds out because her and the niece are cool. So of course niece does like all women do and brags about the brand new dude in her life to all her close friends and family. Now my friends are savages so when Patricia found out she wasn’t even trippin on homie. She called me and we laughed about it and she told him to do what it do. Well if you’re a petty person and you do some petty shit and don’t get the satisfaction you want that’s just gonna drive you to go harder with the pettiness. I know because again that petty life is me. So homie thought he had the last laught but really that point went to the City Girls because my sis wasn’t even phased πŸ—£PERIOD. Until last night. Y’all tell me why Tyler calls Michael himself to let him know EVERYTHING that’s been going on and homie had receipts. I mean put all my friend business out there. So Michael calls Patricia plays heartbroken and now he done blocked my friend. Tyler proceeds to tell both Patricia and Michael that the last time they had sex he forgot to pull so she might wanna get a plan B. So now my friend done got exposed and now she gotta sit the rest of the season out of she doesn’t make it to Walgreens in the next 12 hours. So another 5 points for the City Boys πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„. It’s alright ladies I promise y’all I been cooking up something that’s about to put us in the lead but when I do I need my City Girls support cause it’s no rules in love and war ❤️😊🀷🏾‍♀️. Peace,Love, and Blessings Asia J

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  1. Lmfao yes city boys. We are in to win this damn summer. Shout out Coach Tristan and defensive coordinator Melo. Tyler is my spirit animal. I'm living through him this summer.


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