Tuesday, July 9, 2019

A letter to my dad

Today is your 55th birthday. I can just imagine the party in heaven you're having and omg I know you're doing that tired behind funky two step that you mastered my whole life. Anyways I just want to tell the world what my dad means to me. So I know y'all don't believe me but when I was younger I was so shy and self conscience. My best friend was Anthony. Point ,blank, period. He fed my mind with trips to the library every Saturday. While kids my age made fun of me for walking out of the library with stacks of books on the weekends he'd cheer me on like I'd just ran a damn marathon. My friends who think of me as woke umm all that came from him. My knowledge of who I am as a black woman and where me and my ancestors  came from all came from him. I remember listening to lectures from him for hours about OUR history from Marcus Garvey to Louis Farkhan to Elijah Muhammad and every strong black man in between. He was the first person that let me know it's okay to study different religions which led to my 2104 to 2015 exploration of religions (something we'll get into later
). You made me feel beautiful in my dark skin when dark skin was still frowned upon. You praised my natural 4C hair when everyone still called it nappy. When I hear the song Wonderful by India Arie the lyrics only make me think of you. You have touched my soul and you are my hero. Losing you was my toughest battle something I struggle with everyday. Even now as I write this tears well up in my eyes because I miss you so much and ten years without you seems like a lifetime. However, everyday you are in my heart and I know you and God sent me this little girl that looks just like you to keep me pre-occupied. Every day while parenting her I try to emulate our relationship and love with her.I love you and I miss you and I wish you the most wonderful birthday Anthony. Until we meet again King. ❤️

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