Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Welcome Back Asia

Okay so I’m back y’all. I took a break from blogging but this is something I’m very passionate about doing so I’m back and definitely here to stay this time. Keep in mind this will be about current events, spilling tea, and whatever topic just floats across my mind for the day. I want y’all to get a glimpse in my world and what Asia be thanking (yes I know how I spelled it). Okay so right now I’m doing a social media cleanse. Today is day one and I honestly see how much time social media can take up. Those little five and ten minutes we use scrolling and being nosey takes up a lot. Also oddly I feel at peace. Social media will have you tuned in to other people’s lives so much that you stop working and focusing on your own life. I decided to delete my social media because I need a break. I need to look at the world outside of the social media lens. Let’s keep it real social media will have us looking at folks lives and thinking we ain’t making any moves. Whole time we aren’t looking at the struggles we’ve been through or how far we’ve made it. So that’s what was happening. I saw all these amazing things happening for everyone and I’m like a damn a bitch been waiting patiently for her turn to come. For a career change, a better love life, more money I mean just all of it. So I’m just sitting here down in the dumps depressed because I see these bomb ass fun ass lives on social media but we tend to forget folks ain’t broadcasting failures. They aren’t broadcasting shortcuts they took. They aren’t broadcasting their downfalls or the issues they have within themselves. So during this break from social media I have vowed to blog more, I’m in the works to start a podcast which I’m super nervous about, I’m getting more serious about school, getting my fat ass in the gym, meditating, and working on this book because those of you who really know me know that my true goal is to become an established Author. Also during this social media break I wanna get in tuned with nature. I can’t remember the last time I went somewhere and it wasn’t about taking pictures for the gram or recording a video for snap. So this summer I actually want to go lay on the beach and enjoy the beautiful waves and sound of the seagulls in my ear. I wanna go hiking and look up at the bright sun and how it brings out the colors in the trees and flowers.  I’m not exactly sure how long I’ll be taking this social media break but I’ll definitely keep y’all updated as I go. Peace, Love, and Blessings. Asia J.

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