Friday, June 28, 2019

Support Your Homies!!

Good Morning my beautiful brothers and sisters. First of all ya girl is feeling good this morning maybe its the Starbucks or maybe I woke up in a good mood with a positive outlook and ready to spread some love. I wanna say thank you to each and every one of you who took the time to read my blog posts yesterday for my first time going live and promoting my page. It meant so much to get the text and calls of support from friends and associates. Also if y'all like it please help ya girl out and spread the word. With that being said I didn't plan on doing this particular excerpt but from some of the love I got yesterday I decided to so....... Support your friends!! Outside of our pissy nine to fives and going to school or whatever else you got going on we all have talents and side hustles that we're trying to expand on. Mine for example is my writing. I was skeptical about starting my blog because I wasn't sure if I'd have the support of my friends or if people around me would be rocking with me. I wasn't sure if my friends would plug and share my shit or hype my shit on their social media or within their other groups because lets be real that's how everything gets hot. Facebook got hot through word of mouth, Amazon same thing, Snapchat and so on. I had the same feeling about my book too. Everyone is scared of failing including me but this is where friends come in. We really gotta support each other and our business ventures. I try (emphasis on try) to support each and every one of my friends talents or ventures. I wanna see my friends win and succeed. Now hold up I'm about to get woke on y'all for a minute. The reason well one of the reasons whites and Jews flourish so much in this country and others is because they have each others backs and support their communities. In our communities we will uplift and support so many multi-millionaire businesses but won't help our sisters and brothers peddling the same merchandise on the rise. Mind you those same brothers and sisters will be the ones that can help build up our neighborhoods. One of my all time favorite albums is Jay-Z 4:44 and in the album several times he references buying black and owning our communities. Y'all mark my words my end goal is to become an established author but then put on other young black authors. I want to open up book stores in inner city communities and encourage my little young sisters and brothers to read more. They say that if you want to hide something from a black man then put it in a book and I wanna change that narrative because we do read and we are educated. We need to promote black businesses and with those profits build up the community because if Asia ever gets the coins baby I promise you I'm going back to the Eastside of Jacksonville and rebuilding and not to damn GENTRIFY I'm rebuilding it for my people. We ain't raising no property taxes or housing market values so other races can come in and push us out. Bottom line if you have a friend out there hustling in their small business show your support. I have a friend that just started a clothing line and I bought a shirt no questions he's rapping and I'm streaming his music. I have another friend who's an artist and guarantee once she starts back painting her paintings will be all over my house. I have a friend in make-up all I had to do was share her videos and because of everyone who shared her videos and supported her she got noticed by Supa Cent and now she's a Crayon Cutie.....I'm not even sure what all that entails but I'm hype as hell. I have friends who dance and sing and if they ever want to seriously create a buzz I'm sharing every video. We gotta do better with supporting our friends and family not only does it help them but it helps the community.Don't let social media fool y'all people ain't living like they claim so these side hustles help cause these nine to five ain't about nothing and we all know these ain't the same bills our parents paid. Anyways with that being said if you have a business, music, art, or anything you'd like me to check out and at least try to support please drop it in the comments and even if it is something I can't support I'll definitely share. Peace, Love, and Blessings.......Asia J.

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