Thursday, June 27, 2019

Please Me!!

Sex!!!Okay so a good friend of mine and myself got on the topic of sex last night. Actually anyone who’s my friend or has talked to me more than once knows that sex is probably top five hands down one of my favorite subjects. Okay so first let’s talk about this lesbian sex. Umm are girls really out here making each other cum 10+ times a night because if so I’m playing for the wrong damn team like seriously? I’ve had some great sex but if I find the dude that can make me cum that much babbbyyy I promise you his ass isn’t going nowhere. So fellas let’s talk about how y ‘all been fucking up lately cause me and my girls got complaints. The pounding thing is good during sex but we need technique sweetie. Drilling my shit in and out does not create orgasms and just because you left me sore doesn’t make you the man. Also if you know your dick little stop coming after us females with big asses and trying to hit it from the back now our mood ruined cause you keep slipping out as soon as I throw it back a little. You gotta date women based on your stature like my hips are 43 inches around so don't come over on some 4 inches type shit thinking you the man. Next don’t come over immediately trying to stick it in ummm can I get a little foreplay? Light some candles, play some mood music, whisper in my ear, touch me in the right spots and kisses (make sure you have a mint in your mouth not no damn fruity gum a mint) Next when y’all eating the cat please stick to the clit and stop being scared to dive in there and absolutely NO BITING (I’m mad I even have to say that). Gentle, deep, and fast licks and you got a girl in the palm of your hands. Here's the things fellas all women are different so before immediately trying to bed us take the time to figure out what pleases us because if a woman is feeling pleased she's gonna show out on the D well unless she's trash. Now ladies stop being stiff and scared in the bedroom throw it back sis, ride on your feet and do that shit backwards too.There’s nothing wrong with role playing I love lingerie and wearing it for my partner we ain't always gotta start sex off in big ass T-shirts. Anal is okay just give it a try. Try new things and although the vagina is self-cleaning still eat right and do steams and pearls. Your man will thank you later. Leave comments below……Peace, Love, and Blessings……Asia J.

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