Friday, June 28, 2019

Love and Loyalty

I've personally always believed that loyalty and love go hand in hand. However, I do believe you can love someone without having a sense of loyalty. Whew chile now let's get into some tea. Now before y'all keep reading some of this tea is gonna be about ya girl so I don't need any side eyes in the streets lol just listen and know that I've grown. Okay so yes I've cheated before well twice in two separate situations. In one of them I do regret my actions because he was a decent dude. I cheated however because I wasn't getting something from him that I needed. Sexually (insert face palm) he was small and the chemistry in bed was just horrible and if y'all know me y'all know I sex is important to me when I'm in a relationship. Now this guy was sweet and I fell for him. I wouldn't say I was in love but I loved him I honestly did he was amazing. Was I I deserve his love no....and ultimately we went our separate ways. Next let's talk about my ex-husband. Now among other things (that when I'm ready we will lay out on the table) infidelity was a huge issue in our marriage. Do I think my husband loved me HELL NO but not because of his cheating lmao. However my slow ass was on some let me get him back and I cheated. I loved my ex-husband y'all like loved his stinking draws love and I still cheated. Yes my cheating was driven by revenge but I still did it. At the end of the day we're human and the flesh is weak. Do I condone cheating HELL NO but I do believe you can cheat and still love someone. It's kind of like our relationship with God. We love God right (well most of us and if not God some spiritual being) but at all times are we walking around pure and sanctified. We still lie, cheat, steal, kill, we're still glutenous, we still get jealous, and we still judge. Now you  can overdo it. Cheating once and slipping up is one thing but sweetie if you doing it over and over and over then ya ass ain't loyal and you have no love in your heart for whoever you're doing this to. For instance back in my very hoish days I was involved in a situation with this guy. I'm thinking maybe he cheats because he's missing something at home I wasn't attached so to me it was about the sex. Come to find out this man is a serial cheater y'all I mean slinging penis EVERYWHERE. No loyalty and clearly no love because people knew about his girl and he ain't care. It was like if he got caught oh well. No cheating one time and making a mistake yeah umm okay but continuously doing it and risking all these people confronting your significant other is a definite no. Nothing is more embarrassing than have people telling you about the person you lay beside.  So ladies and gentlemen I'm not saying take anyone back for cheating cause I won't at this stage in my life but they probably do love you they just weren't raised on loyalty.We have to think black men correlate loyalty with their friendships. When they think of loyalty they think of their homies not the woman they love and because for men cheating isn't emotional they don't think that they're really betraying anyone. Y'all let me know what y'all think. Peace, Love, and Blessings......Asia J.

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