Thursday, June 27, 2019

Dating in 2019

Good Morning beautiful people. I hope you all had a good night’s rest because today’s topic is gonna get a little deep. Now this is an interactive blog so if you have something on your chest always feel free to comment and speak your peace or tell your story. Asia is not judgmental and open to all opinions so let’s get into this………..

Dating in 2019 or this generation period. Okay so for those of you that don’t know I have been divorced since the end of 2015 (that’s another story for another day because whew chile that’s a lot of tea). Anyways since my divorced I’ve had a few boyfriends here and there and in 2016 until 2017 I definitely had a hoe phase. However, lately since I’ve hit 26 I’ve felt the need to calm down. I mean have y ’all ever just reached a point in life where you want a different path. I’m done with the clubbing, definitely don’t need to be drunk to have fun, different partners all the time isn’t fun. Asia has had her City Girls/Hot Girls summer and that time has passed or so I thought. Dating in 2019 will have you running right back to your hoish ways because that was easier to digest. Women are often told to relax our standards and be easy on men but gah damn. Lately I’ve been running into men who need fixing and that is sssooooo exhausting. They try to bash women for not wanting to fix and raise these men but y ‘all trying to sit here and heal someone when you’re healing on your own is exhausting. This is why I believe men especially black men need to go to therapists because coming to us and having us fix you and build you up is mentally and emotionally draining and we can remain faithful and stay the course and there’s still no chance that he’ll change or that when he changes he’ll stick with you. Okay next it’s the serial cheaters. The men who will call you a hoe if you text more than one man but they dicking down everyone you know. If I have let’s see 75 men in my DMs on a rotational basis I promise you 50 of them are married. You know the ones who have everything in their bio except that relationship status. Then we have the broke dudes flexing or excuse me mismanaging their money. So if you ask to go out on dates instead of chilling at his crib now all of a sudden you’re a goldigger. Like taking women out on dates, opening doors, buying flowers and chocolates, being supportive, and good sex are just things that should not have gone out of style to me. So fellas in the comments below give me y ‘all opinion on this cause I really need to know if I should just keep rocking with my vibrator or is there hope that y ‘all will get it together.

*****Disclaimer before a butt hurt man gets in these comments please note that I love black men and that this is merely a discussion on from a woman’s perspective we can get black love on track sssssoooooo if none of this doesn’t apply then let it fly

Peace, Love, and Blessings. Asia J.

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