Friday, June 28, 2019

Love and Loyalty

I've personally always believed that loyalty and love go hand in hand. However, I do believe you can love someone without having a sense of loyalty. Whew chile now let's get into some tea. Now before y'all keep reading some of this tea is gonna be about ya girl so I don't need any side eyes in the streets lol just listen and know that I've grown. Okay so yes I've cheated before well twice in two separate situations. In one of them I do regret my actions because he was a decent dude. I cheated however because I wasn't getting something from him that I needed. Sexually (insert face palm) he was small and the chemistry in bed was just horrible and if y'all know me y'all know I sex is important to me when I'm in a relationship. Now this guy was sweet and I fell for him. I wouldn't say I was in love but I loved him I honestly did he was amazing. Was I I deserve his love no....and ultimately we went our separate ways. Next let's talk about my ex-husband. Now among other things (that when I'm ready we will lay out on the table) infidelity was a huge issue in our marriage. Do I think my husband loved me HELL NO but not because of his cheating lmao. However my slow ass was on some let me get him back and I cheated. I loved my ex-husband y'all like loved his stinking draws love and I still cheated. Yes my cheating was driven by revenge but I still did it. At the end of the day we're human and the flesh is weak. Do I condone cheating HELL NO but I do believe you can cheat and still love someone. It's kind of like our relationship with God. We love God right (well most of us and if not God some spiritual being) but at all times are we walking around pure and sanctified. We still lie, cheat, steal, kill, we're still glutenous, we still get jealous, and we still judge. Now you  can overdo it. Cheating once and slipping up is one thing but sweetie if you doing it over and over and over then ya ass ain't loyal and you have no love in your heart for whoever you're doing this to. For instance back in my very hoish days I was involved in a situation with this guy. I'm thinking maybe he cheats because he's missing something at home I wasn't attached so to me it was about the sex. Come to find out this man is a serial cheater y'all I mean slinging penis EVERYWHERE. No loyalty and clearly no love because people knew about his girl and he ain't care. It was like if he got caught oh well. No cheating one time and making a mistake yeah umm okay but continuously doing it and risking all these people confronting your significant other is a definite no. Nothing is more embarrassing than have people telling you about the person you lay beside.  So ladies and gentlemen I'm not saying take anyone back for cheating cause I won't at this stage in my life but they probably do love you they just weren't raised on loyalty.We have to think black men correlate loyalty with their friendships. When they think of loyalty they think of their homies not the woman they love and because for men cheating isn't emotional they don't think that they're really betraying anyone. Y'all let me know what y'all think. Peace, Love, and Blessings......Asia J.

Support Your Homies!!

Good Morning my beautiful brothers and sisters. First of all ya girl is feeling good this morning maybe its the Starbucks or maybe I woke up in a good mood with a positive outlook and ready to spread some love. I wanna say thank you to each and every one of you who took the time to read my blog posts yesterday for my first time going live and promoting my page. It meant so much to get the text and calls of support from friends and associates. Also if y'all like it please help ya girl out and spread the word. With that being said I didn't plan on doing this particular excerpt but from some of the love I got yesterday I decided to so....... Support your friends!! Outside of our pissy nine to fives and going to school or whatever else you got going on we all have talents and side hustles that we're trying to expand on. Mine for example is my writing. I was skeptical about starting my blog because I wasn't sure if I'd have the support of my friends or if people around me would be rocking with me. I wasn't sure if my friends would plug and share my shit or hype my shit on their social media or within their other groups because lets be real that's how everything gets hot. Facebook got hot through word of mouth, Amazon same thing, Snapchat and so on. I had the same feeling about my book too. Everyone is scared of failing including me but this is where friends come in. We really gotta support each other and our business ventures. I try (emphasis on try) to support each and every one of my friends talents or ventures. I wanna see my friends win and succeed. Now hold up I'm about to get woke on y'all for a minute. The reason well one of the reasons whites and Jews flourish so much in this country and others is because they have each others backs and support their communities. In our communities we will uplift and support so many multi-millionaire businesses but won't help our sisters and brothers peddling the same merchandise on the rise. Mind you those same brothers and sisters will be the ones that can help build up our neighborhoods. One of my all time favorite albums is Jay-Z 4:44 and in the album several times he references buying black and owning our communities. Y'all mark my words my end goal is to become an established author but then put on other young black authors. I want to open up book stores in inner city communities and encourage my little young sisters and brothers to read more. They say that if you want to hide something from a black man then put it in a book and I wanna change that narrative because we do read and we are educated. We need to promote black businesses and with those profits build up the community because if Asia ever gets the coins baby I promise you I'm going back to the Eastside of Jacksonville and rebuilding and not to damn GENTRIFY I'm rebuilding it for my people. We ain't raising no property taxes or housing market values so other races can come in and push us out. Bottom line if you have a friend out there hustling in their small business show your support. I have a friend that just started a clothing line and I bought a shirt no questions he's rapping and I'm streaming his music. I have another friend who's an artist and guarantee once she starts back painting her paintings will be all over my house. I have a friend in make-up all I had to do was share her videos and because of everyone who shared her videos and supported her she got noticed by Supa Cent and now she's a Crayon Cutie.....I'm not even sure what all that entails but I'm hype as hell. I have friends who dance and sing and if they ever want to seriously create a buzz I'm sharing every video. We gotta do better with supporting our friends and family not only does it help them but it helps the community.Don't let social media fool y'all people ain't living like they claim so these side hustles help cause these nine to five ain't about nothing and we all know these ain't the same bills our parents paid. Anyways with that being said if you have a business, music, art, or anything you'd like me to check out and at least try to support please drop it in the comments and even if it is something I can't support I'll definitely share. Peace, Love, and Blessings.......Asia J.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Please Me!!

Sex!!!Okay so a good friend of mine and myself got on the topic of sex last night. Actually anyone who’s my friend or has talked to me more than once knows that sex is probably top five hands down one of my favorite subjects. Okay so first let’s talk about this lesbian sex. Umm are girls really out here making each other cum 10+ times a night because if so I’m playing for the wrong damn team like seriously? I’ve had some great sex but if I find the dude that can make me cum that much babbbyyy I promise you his ass isn’t going nowhere. So fellas let’s talk about how y ‘all been fucking up lately cause me and my girls got complaints. The pounding thing is good during sex but we need technique sweetie. Drilling my shit in and out does not create orgasms and just because you left me sore doesn’t make you the man. Also if you know your dick little stop coming after us females with big asses and trying to hit it from the back now our mood ruined cause you keep slipping out as soon as I throw it back a little. You gotta date women based on your stature like my hips are 43 inches around so don't come over on some 4 inches type shit thinking you the man. Next don’t come over immediately trying to stick it in ummm can I get a little foreplay? Light some candles, play some mood music, whisper in my ear, touch me in the right spots and kisses (make sure you have a mint in your mouth not no damn fruity gum a mint) Next when y’all eating the cat please stick to the clit and stop being scared to dive in there and absolutely NO BITING (I’m mad I even have to say that). Gentle, deep, and fast licks and you got a girl in the palm of your hands. Here's the things fellas all women are different so before immediately trying to bed us take the time to figure out what pleases us because if a woman is feeling pleased she's gonna show out on the D well unless she's trash. Now ladies stop being stiff and scared in the bedroom throw it back sis, ride on your feet and do that shit backwards too.There’s nothing wrong with role playing I love lingerie and wearing it for my partner we ain't always gotta start sex off in big ass T-shirts. Anal is okay just give it a try. Try new things and although the vagina is self-cleaning still eat right and do steams and pearls. Your man will thank you later. Leave comments below……Peace, Love, and Blessings……Asia J.

Dating in 2019

Good Morning beautiful people. I hope you all had a good night’s rest because today’s topic is gonna get a little deep. Now this is an interactive blog so if you have something on your chest always feel free to comment and speak your peace or tell your story. Asia is not judgmental and open to all opinions so let’s get into this………..

Dating in 2019 or this generation period. Okay so for those of you that don’t know I have been divorced since the end of 2015 (that’s another story for another day because whew chile that’s a lot of tea). Anyways since my divorced I’ve had a few boyfriends here and there and in 2016 until 2017 I definitely had a hoe phase. However, lately since I’ve hit 26 I’ve felt the need to calm down. I mean have y ’all ever just reached a point in life where you want a different path. I’m done with the clubbing, definitely don’t need to be drunk to have fun, different partners all the time isn’t fun. Asia has had her City Girls/Hot Girls summer and that time has passed or so I thought. Dating in 2019 will have you running right back to your hoish ways because that was easier to digest. Women are often told to relax our standards and be easy on men but gah damn. Lately I’ve been running into men who need fixing and that is sssooooo exhausting. They try to bash women for not wanting to fix and raise these men but y ‘all trying to sit here and heal someone when you’re healing on your own is exhausting. This is why I believe men especially black men need to go to therapists because coming to us and having us fix you and build you up is mentally and emotionally draining and we can remain faithful and stay the course and there’s still no chance that he’ll change or that when he changes he’ll stick with you. Okay next it’s the serial cheaters. The men who will call you a hoe if you text more than one man but they dicking down everyone you know. If I have let’s see 75 men in my DMs on a rotational basis I promise you 50 of them are married. You know the ones who have everything in their bio except that relationship status. Then we have the broke dudes flexing or excuse me mismanaging their money. So if you ask to go out on dates instead of chilling at his crib now all of a sudden you’re a goldigger. Like taking women out on dates, opening doors, buying flowers and chocolates, being supportive, and good sex are just things that should not have gone out of style to me. So fellas in the comments below give me y ‘all opinion on this cause I really need to know if I should just keep rocking with my vibrator or is there hope that y ‘all will get it together.

*****Disclaimer before a butt hurt man gets in these comments please note that I love black men and that this is merely a discussion on from a woman’s perspective we can get black love on track sssssoooooo if none of this doesn’t apply then let it fly

Peace, Love, and Blessings. Asia J.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Welcome Back Asia

Okay so I’m back y’all. I took a break from blogging but this is something I’m very passionate about doing so I’m back and definitely here to stay this time. Keep in mind this will be about current events, spilling tea, and whatever topic just floats across my mind for the day. I want y’all to get a glimpse in my world and what Asia be thanking (yes I know how I spelled it). Okay so right now I’m doing a social media cleanse. Today is day one and I honestly see how much time social media can take up. Those little five and ten minutes we use scrolling and being nosey takes up a lot. Also oddly I feel at peace. Social media will have you tuned in to other people’s lives so much that you stop working and focusing on your own life. I decided to delete my social media because I need a break. I need to look at the world outside of the social media lens. Let’s keep it real social media will have us looking at folks lives and thinking we ain’t making any moves. Whole time we aren’t looking at the struggles we’ve been through or how far we’ve made it. So that’s what was happening. I saw all these amazing things happening for everyone and I’m like a damn a bitch been waiting patiently for her turn to come. For a career change, a better love life, more money I mean just all of it. So I’m just sitting here down in the dumps depressed because I see these bomb ass fun ass lives on social media but we tend to forget folks ain’t broadcasting failures. They aren’t broadcasting shortcuts they took. They aren’t broadcasting their downfalls or the issues they have within themselves. So during this break from social media I have vowed to blog more, I’m in the works to start a podcast which I’m super nervous about, I’m getting more serious about school, getting my fat ass in the gym, meditating, and working on this book because those of you who really know me know that my true goal is to become an established Author. Also during this social media break I wanna get in tuned with nature. I can’t remember the last time I went somewhere and it wasn’t about taking pictures for the gram or recording a video for snap. So this summer I actually want to go lay on the beach and enjoy the beautiful waves and sound of the seagulls in my ear. I wanna go hiking and look up at the bright sun and how it brings out the colors in the trees and flowers.  I’m not exactly sure how long I’ll be taking this social media break but I’ll definitely keep y’all updated as I go. Peace, Love, and Blessings. Asia J.

Six dates and a wedding

So remember when I told y’all I was wilding out after my divorce? Well 2015 to 2017 were some really wild but very fun times in my life. Th...